My name is Marylyn Poynter and I live in London UK. Originally I came from Ireland from a town called Athlone.

I went to University in Dublin and became a Dental Surgeon, my college was the Royal College of Surgeons. After graduating I came to London and married Kieran, my husband. We have 4 children…3 boys and one girl.  We now have 5 grandchildren…4 grandsons and one granddaughter.

All through my working life I never really worried about money and like a number of you I paid into a private pension plan. I loved working as a dentist but had to retire early with an occupational bad back.

It took a few years to get my back comfortable enough to walk, exercise and live a virtual normal life.

Playing golf (weather permitting ) is one of my favourite hobbies and I love the outdoor fresh air and activity around the sport.

About 3 years ago I started searching about “how to make money from home” …and I found the 21 Step program.

My Top Tier Business ( MTTB) a MOBE program where you actually get a personal coach, who gets on the phone with you and guides you through the steps to setting up your own affiliate business. MOBE  pays up

to 90% on Commissions. These Commissions range from $1,625, $4,800, $8,000 and beyond.

I did it…I took the 21 steps and gradually I began to realise that I had an opportunity to be financially independent again….and in retirement. Here was a chance for me to have my own business without leaving my home…that I could operate from anywhere in the world. Amazing and a complete contrast to my Dental business where I employed staff at the office, rented premises, and paid for help to look after my children.

2015-09-30 18.09.52

One of the most interesting things about MOBE  is the quality of training and support it provides. One of the events I have beee to is the MOBE Diamond Mastermind in Cancun in Mexico in October 2015 (image above) I have now earned up to 5 figures as a MOBE affiliate and have met amazing people like Shaqir Hussyin (below on left) and Terry Lamb. Not only that but I am lucky to have Matt Lloyd  (below on right)as my mentor. I feel confident and excited to be in this online business and looking forward to coaching and training others to succeed in this amazing online business.

2015-09-29 18.20.40MOBE Diamond Matt &me Cancun 2015-09-25 13.29.24


What could be easier…and better still, I could work on my online business at ant time I liked and at any time of the day. Not only that I get paid high commissions on the products I sell…get to go to exotic places for superb events and last but not least I get to share the information about how you can be Financially Independent in Retirement. Think about all those lovely holidays, the car of your dreams, the home you have always wanted, and lots more…