How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes in Email Marketing

Your Emails

Once you have identified your customers, you will need to build a relationship with them.

One great way to do this is providing free valuable content related to your niche. Another way to maintain their interest is to engage them in a story…perhaps one that leaves them wanting to read the next email, to find the answer.

Make It Personal

You also should share personal information about your life. Remember, you want them to think of you as a friend, not just an Internet marketer. So you can do things like posting photos, videos and other links related to your prsonal life.

Taking an active interest in their use of Social Media and acknowledging posts and tweets is also engaging.

The 3:1 Rule

Once you have built friendly relationships with your contacts, you can go ahead and follow the 3:1 Rule: For every post you make that promotes a product or service, post at least three others that are completely unrelated to any commercial objective.

You want to make sure you always provide valuable content, keep it upbeat and family-friendly, and whenever possible try to engage your prospective customers on an interpersonal level. Don’t forget to use their names, refer to personal information they have shared in the past, and make every effort to engage them as a friend.

Sending them  inks to articles that you found interesting and that are related to your niche.

Writing posts and engaging in discussion on the Social Media page demonstrates you interest.

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are an excellent excuse to send personalized messages that will enhance your bond with your individual social media contacts. Nearly every social media site has free apps to remind you of your contact’s birthdays.

That way, when you do promote a product, frame it so that you are a friend recommending a particularly good product to another friend.

Video Marketing

Another powerful free marketing method is video marketing.  Advances in technology and the ease of uploading short informational videos has become very popular.

You can drive a lot of traffic to your pages with an effective video marketing campaign. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment or technical expertise. Mobile friendly posts and videos are easy to do and will get you noticed frequently to your target audience.

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